Ceremony Questionnaire

    Will Bride take Groom’s Last Name?

    Will there be Rings Exchanged?

    Will Bride be given away?

    If yes, by Who? (Name and Relationship)

    Will the person giving bride away have any words to say?

    On your Wedding Date, how long will you be together?

    Are References to God Okay?

    If yes, do you wish a reading from Scripture?

    How Will Wedding Party be Dressed?

    Do you wish to honor Parents or any person living or deceased?

    If yes, please provide names and relationship.

    If yes to deceased, will there be an empty chair?

    Do you wish to recognize any people who have traveled a long way to be there?

    If yes, how far [for example: Texas, England]?

    Are you writing your own vows or using mine?

    Please sum up your relationship in one word? I use this word to write something nice about you.

    Location (address) of wedding? (required)

    Date of wedding? (required)

    Time ceremony is to start? (required)

    Your Contact info?

    Bride Phone Number (required)

    Groom Phone Number (required)

    Any Special Requests: (Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, etc)